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The joint Asian lighting design is guoguang with light technology international (hereinafter referred to as the United Nations international light years) approval, is the most authoritative and influential Asia lighting design field of one of the awards.Major awards in Asia in the lighting industry with outstanding technology research and development, the concept of innovation, high efficiency and energy saving, designs and applications and successful practice, and is highly evaluated by the user, is for Asian lighting project in innovation and practice achievement of honorary awards.Asia lighting design aims to share more outstanding achievements and experience of the lighting project, enhance the overall strength of lighting industry in Asia, interactive communication platform and building industry, promote the lighting production enterprises, design companies, engineering companies, universities and research institutions in the niche of technical and professional development.Awards will also deepen cooperation with mass media, to the standard of mass communication really beautiful lighting, let people can by improving the quality of the light and improve the quality of life.

1. From the appearance, high efficiency and energy saving of lighting project design, implementation, responsible for the owners, innovative aspects to make a comprehensive evaluation of the project;

2. Invite senior industry experts as members of the panel of judges, the use of the user evaluation into the assessment standards;

3. Pay attention to lighting future talent, further encouraging and explore more good students engaged in lighting design field.

Declare the conditions

In the region during the period of 2012-2015, in lighting design, engineering and product application of innovative achievements, and obtain the users and the industry spoke highly of.

The selection method

"Asia lighting design award" of the declaration, recommend, review and award insist on seeking truth from facts, follow the principle of just, fair and open.Turn after the qualification review by the organizing committee working group, organized by the organizing committee of the panel (by the lighting industry experts at home and abroad, including university professors and research institutes of scientific research workers, industry association/association officials, architectural design, interior design teacher teacher and user) review, the last final appeal review committee, voted in conform to the requirements of the application program.

The selection of time

Awards to declare to begin in June 2015, April 2016 deadline to declare.

And to the social public in May 2016, held on June 8, 2016 awards.