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Testing Equipment

Thermal-Cold Cycling Impact Test Chamber--put luminaires into thermal-cold cycling shock between 40 ℃ to 75 degrees to test whether light fixture can remain excellent working performance in extreme environment.

Constant Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber--Simulate the possible extreme nature environment, temperature and humidity to test whether light fixture and control system can work normally.

Lightning-Surge Test--To test lightning resistance strength of light fixture.

Power Frequency Magnetic Fields Tester (PFMF test)--To test  whether lights fixtures are affected at the magnetic environment 

By Rigorous Testing--breaking test, pressure test, UV Weatherable Test , IP test, corrosion resistance test, Vibration test,Optical experiment, pulse train test, anti-static test, aging test, reliability test--seeking for excellence quality by accurate data of test results, which can withstand extreme environment with high performance.